Congratulations! GTmetrix A Stcore!

in News on 2022-03-31

Congratulations! GTmetrix A Stcore!

Today the GSCREEN website finally got its GTmetrix A score.
Meet GSCREEN, a very nice and fast website!
We plan to do more upgrades here.

GSCREEN provides a lot of chroma key videos as previews, so we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing them for a long time.

And this time, the server was upgraded significantly.
From anywhere on your PC or mobile tablet, you can now view the GSCREEN site and see updated content at high speed.
Please note that the speed may vary by region and country.
It may still be slow in some areas, but we will keep you updated.

With GSCREEN’s chroma key sources, you can create animations and various videos very quickly without spending a lot of money and at the lowest cost in the world.

We did all the hard work and wonderful work over a long period of time.
All you need to do now is download it and use it splendidly.
Cool tutorials and samples will be updated soon.

We keep updating to provide our customers with lots of great chroma key sources.

Thank you for your interest and support.
thank you.

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